Free Online Resources

Let's face it: unitedstreaming is a great source for video, still images, and even audio. But not every school is willing to foot the bill for it, and even if they do you won't be able to put anything from unitedstreaming online to show off.

Lucky for us, unitedstreaming isn't the only show in town. There are plenty of sites out there that provide media, and many of them do so free of charge!

So if you're interested in finding that perfect photo or video, dive on in and take a look. Do you know of a good resource that isn't listed? Add it, and make this wiki that much better.

"But how can I edit this stuff? I can't afford Photoshop!"

Well here's the best part - you don't need Photoshop, iMovie, MovieMaker, or any similar programs on your computer. There are websites that can do that for you as well, and we've included them here for your convenience.

(So who is this "Art Guy" of which you speak...?)